The charm of the Mississippi River

Since I saw, as a teenager, Show Boat at the movies, I dream of taking a cruise on the Mississippi River aboard a paddle boat. Now I’m on a dock in New Orleans, Louisiana, waiting to board the American Queen. With its finely crafted white balconies, bright red paddle wheel and imposing ebony black fireplaces, the Queen undoubtedly deserves its royal name, both inside and out. To the loud but exhilarating sound of the steam organ, against a background of paddle wheels slamming on the surface of the water, we leave the harbour and I go to the Chart Room, where a great river specialist, Jerry Hay, gives us some important facts. The river takes its name from the Amerindian word “Missis-Sepi”, which means great river. And to be tall, he is! The river flows approximately 3,700 kilometres from its source in Itasca State Park, Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico. It was probably discovered by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in 1541, and 130 years later, René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, claimed it on behalf of France. It only became the property of the United States in 1803, when Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory

What is the best time to visit Iowa?

Offbeat activities and must-see landscapes are what Iowa promises to be the only state surrounded by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, both navigable, but also by two national tourist traffic lanes, the Loess Hills National Scenic Bywayas well as the Great River Road, in this context the state offers famous and unexpected destinations that must absolutely be visited, including the canton where American President Herbert Hoover was born, the huge bull statue that holds the world record, the Historic Park Inn Hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The best time to visit Iowa The best time to visit Iowa State in the United States is from May to September, as temperatures are pleasant and there is little rainfall, on average the highest temperature is recorded during July, it is around 30° while the lowest temperature is around 1° and it is generally observed during January as the climate is continental, i.e. hot with precipitation throughout the year. Places to visit Iowa is a very welcoming state where there are plenty of attractions, and once you start visiting you get caught up in the game very quickly and you can’t stop anymore so here are some of the